Review by Will McGinnis [04.15.14]


After three demos and one full length album that was released in 2012, Curimus have a new and much anticipated disc on the horizon. “Artificial Revolution” is the album’s title and the band has already released a single that is well-rounded for everyone to jam to.


The single is called “Preachings” and can really relate to a lot of people’s lives. Feeling that sense of suffocation and trying to stay alive through the struggle inspires one to keep on plugging away at keeping your nose to the grind stone. Mid-way through the song, you can really feel the intent of the band and the lyrics are particularly strong. Curimus’ line up is superb musically and this is evident in at the end of the tune which ends off at a dramatically slow pace.


There are eleven songs on “Artificial Revolution” and the opener is titled, “Reincarnation”. With the final track being titled “Born Yesterday” there is an implied cohesion to the entire disc that I think is very cool. This is also seen in track four, “Faith & Obsession” which sounds like a song about actually becoming free, an idea that is perhaps fulfilled on the eighth cut, “Unchained”. Truthfully if you listened to any one track on this album you would be convinced that the entire release is going to be absolutely awesome. If you live in the bang’s home nation of Finland, don’t miss the opportunity to see them live. The album is due to be released on April 25th, 2014.


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