Review by Ashley Strutt [08.31.14]


I have heard various tracks by Crimson Shadows before, always striking me as one of those bands who's music actually jumps out of the speakers and grabs you by the throat. Hailing from Toronto, Canada and previous winners of the Wacken Metal Battle, this band claims to combine power metal with death metal riffs. Although I am sure I can also detect some thrash/speed metal in there as well. Although they have released two EP's and one other full length album previously, this release is their first with Napalm records.


Kings Among Men starts with an epic orchestral piece which gives the impression of a symphonic sound to the CD but once the second track kicks in this illusion soon goes and doesn't reappear in the rest of the tracks. What you find is powerful guitars which can often be heard in a twin guitar attack which takes me back to the late 80's. The guitars play fast but occasionally slow down a bit but the melody is always there, you also find a couple of acoustic guitar sections but these are largely part of a track to suit the mood or the songs subject. The acoustic piece within 'Braving the Storm' really adds to the track because it acts as if it the eye of the storm within the track. The vocals are guttural interlaced with choruses of power vocals which just add to the tracks as it is done in way which gives the songs justice. The drums are fast and powerful with the double bass going full blast when the time is right. No one part of the music over powers another but fills in at the right place. The song titles and the way that they are ordered give the impression that there is a story being told as the record is played. Played in any other order and it just doesn't give this impression but this doesn't detract from the songs themselves which are excellent.



Ashley Strutt


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