Review by Ashley Strutt [10.04.14]


When I saw this band in my mailbox I was pretty sure that I had heard their work before, if I remember a bands name then it is likely that their music has stood out and caught my attention when I heard it. Chainfist are a five piece band from Denmark consisting of ex-members of Panzerchrist, Frozen Sun and Infernal Death. They claim to be inspired by the big four which, when you hear the album certainly shows. Although this is their second release and first on the Mighty Music label the sound is mature enough to suggest that they have been around for many more releases.


While the album is being played, you can certainly hear the influences although there is a big stamp of personal musicianship with hard hitting melodic thrash and harmonic vocals. The guitars throughout the album are varied and change to fit the songs as well as the various sections within each the song and compliment the vocals extremely well. The combination of power and crisp lead work makes the sound work very well. The vocals, while not gravelly, are a melodic true rock sound with occasional growling where appropriate. The drum work makes the ears pound when listened through headphones but the detail heard, including what sounds like a double bass attack sound perfect.


Throughout the album the sound is was I call a recorded in the raw, when all the band members are in the studio at the same time. This gives the whole thing a spontaneous live feel but you know that its being 'constructed' in the studio at the same time. What you have here is a release chock full of energy although the last track being acoustic, is almost purposely placed last to help bring the listener down from the energetic high created by all the other tracks.


This release as certainly made my top 10 for this year. I can't fault it!






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