Review by Ashley Strutt [11.29.14]


Cadaveria, hailing from Italy, have taken the name of the lead singer but a solo project this is not. This is their fifth studio album and released through Scarlet records. They are best described as a combination of Black and death metal interwoven with gothic, with parts of  the album the sounding typically Italian. The band have labelled themselves as Horror Metal and listening through this release, it could well be used as a musical back ground to a horror film, the music itself is entertainment by itself.


The music comes straight at you when you press play with death growling vocals and screaming guitars. The vocals themselves are widely varied through out the record and at times don't sound like they are from the same person as they vary from soft metal sounding to full on death metal growls, often changing within a split second. Someone with this range of ability, especially female vocals is only something that I have noticed in the past couple of years and Cadaveria herself must be one of the top singers who have this range. The guitar work varies throughout all of the tracks and have a typical load distorted sound which often change in tempo, this means that all the songs, even with a track can be varied. Coupled with the drums, the song between the two has been nicely balanced so that one doesn't over power the other.


As the CD progresses the songs appear to become more complex which adds to the entertainment factor while at the same necessitating the listener to play the music through several times in order to fully appreciate what they are hearing.



Ashley Strutt







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