Review by Mark Dillon [06.05.14]


Bloody Hammers 3rd album “Under Satan’s Sun” combines a deadly mix of doom metal, stoner rock, and psychedelic rock. The bands  old school horror motif immediately appeals  to me. When a bands album cover looks like a 70’s B-horror movie poster I just want the music to be as cool. I know better than to judge an album by its cover but “Under Satan’s Sun” delivers.


Bloody Hammers have put together a fantastic hard rocking album, the opening track “The Town that Dreaded Sun Down” sets the tone for what is to be a fuzzed out guitar journey.  “Under Satan’s Sun” sports some wonderfully constructed songs, relying just as much on vocal melodies as big guitar riffs . The song “Spearfinger” starts with a great chugging guitar and leads in to an infectious chorus. The band uses keyboards throughout  the album but they are used sparingly and to great effect in songs like “Welcome to the Horror Show”.


I was incredibly surprised to hear Bloody Hammers cover Alice Cooper’s classic “Second Coming” one of my favorite Cooper tracks and an often forgotten one from the back catalog. Bloody Hammers do the song justice, keeping the feel of the original but adding enough of there own sound to keep it fresh.


 “Under Satan’s Sun” has quickly become one of my favorite albums this year. It’s kind of like Fu Manchu meets Queens of the Stone Age tied up in a bow made of old horror films. If any of those things appeal to you check out this album.


4.5 out of 5

Mark Dillon


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