Blind Race | Come and Get It

Review by Ashley Strutt [11.29.14]


This five peace from Toronto, Canada offer a sound based on a number of musical influences which  is obvious in their music while having a massive stamp of originality a the same time. This is their second release, the first being a previous EP in May 2012. What you get is five tracks that vary in tempo and a ferocity that continues even into the slower last track.


The first track is powerful hard hitting music with heavy non over powering drums, with guitars which are again powerful with a satisfying distorted sound which compliments vocals that have a powerful non too screaming sound. This is followed by a track much in the same vein but with a bit more speed,  by which time you are well into the groove of the band. Next you get a power track but with a slower speed although there are definite sections within the song that give you the ferocity of the previous tracks. The vocals on  “Hopeless” had me thinking of a Creed track from years ago. Track four  entitled “Truth Or Dare” is another change of direction on the EP with a keyboard introduction with hard hitting guitars and drums coming in before slowing in tempo. But through out this song you get the slow, fast sections through out and you don't get a moments rest. The last track is a simple, stripped back, slow song with just an acoustic guitar and vocals which gives your ears something of a rest after the earlier songs, although it certainly still has the guts of the earlier tracks.



Ashley Strutt






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