Review by Ashley [07.14.15]


Blackwelder could well be described as a super group. The project started with Andrew Szucs working on material for his previous project but when he realised that the music was beginning to take a life of its own, things fell into place with the other band members coming together. Blackwelder consists of four members who are not exactly one place but from the four corners of the world. The sound is has been described as power metal with elements of prog metal thrown in with a richer, darker core to the music. This release is the bands debut through GoldenCore Records/ZYX records and which if anything is to go by, will hopefully not be their last.


The music immediately hits you as full on power metal. The bands sound reminds of German metal, in particular it reminds me of a number of similar bands in places but having said this the music blasting out my speakers is distinct with the band showing a lot of unique twists within each song. The guitar work through out the record is absolutely amazing and fast, definitely shredding in places. The drumming isn't set at a overbearing level but at a level that it can be truly appreciated with the bass drum sound booming out of the speakers in a such a way that makes the music have that feel good feeling. As with the guitars, the drum work is pretty fast and intense. The vocals on this release are a typical power metal sound but the level in which they are presented is extremely high, not surprising seeing as though they come from very highly rated singer Ralf Scheepers.


Perfect for the early morning drive to work!










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