Review by Mark [07.14.15]


Black Pestilence’s forth full length record “Outsiders” brings together punk infused black metal with some electronic influences. On the surface this latest album brings to mind later era Darkthrone but there is a lot more going on just that.


At its hart “Outsiders” is a high energy blackend punk album and there is nothing wrong with that. The band has some great songs the fall into that category like “Cellblock”, and “Cult Class “but it’s when Black Pestilence deviates from this form that I think they really begin to shine. For example the track “Unseen Force”, this is the third song on the album and it throws the listener for a total loop. While the two songs before it are as I mentioned are punk influenced “Unseen Force” introduces keyboards and a creepy electronic vocal effect that brings a hell of a lot of atmosphere to the song. The albums closer “Voiceless Generation” once again brings back the keyboards and harkens back to some early symphonic black metal. Then there is “Razing Taboo” which is basically a straight up rock and roll song, I have to admit on of my favorites.



“Outsiders” is short and unrelenting, I find once the album ends I want to put it right back on. Black Pestilence will appeal to fans of punk, thrash, black metal and a whole bunch of other things, just go get “Outsiders”. You can buy it from the bands band camp page










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