Review by Ashley Strutt [01.18.15]


Arbitrator, hailing from Calgary, Alberta were formed in late 2010 has the brain child of Robert Kukla. They describe their sound as progressive death metal although there is elements of industrial metal. This six track is their first full release and follow up to début EP ' The Consommate Ascendancy' in 2011. Having not been familiar with this band I was not sure what to expect musically although I did recognize the name as I had heard material by the Russian band of the same name.


The sound that first greets you is chiming  bells which are soon joined with the guitars and drums easing in before hitting fast with full on power and heavy force full drums. With the death metal label already tagged to the bands sound I was not that surprised with the growling vocals. The sound throughout the six tracks is somewhat varied with orchestration coming in and out of the music where it fitted best. The guitar work sticks out most of the time but occasion concentration is required although this actually fits into the sound very nicely as it adds an air of atmosphere to the track.


The production of the music doesn't appear to be overly done and appears to fit perfectly with the bands aims and sound. There is evidence of an industrial sound but is not over bearing, it seems to have been kept to a minimum and was only noticeable on a couple of tracks.


The last track on the album is instrumental which is something that I am not normally into but done well, as is this track, I can fully appreciate it. Actually, the track is a pleasure to listen to as it allows the listener to appreciate the musicianship as well as the some what atmospheric sound which is also present in other tracks on this release.


Pleasantly surprised with what I heard, 8/10








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