Review by Mark Dillon [07.08.14]


Amberian Dawn have been releasing albums since 2008 and unfortunately  until a recent road trip I had never heard of the band. On this aforementioned road trip a friend of mine wanted me to hear this killer guitar solo, I can’t remember the name of the song but the band was Amberian Dawn. Oddly enough the very next day  a promo for their new album “Magic Forest” showed up in my inbox.


Amberian Dawns’ “Magic Forest” is a very vocal and keyboard driven album. It’s the groups first album of new material with vocalist Capri and while she is classically trained her style is more rock than anything else. Capri does stretch her classical mussels on several songs like the album’s title track. The only thing second stage to the vocals is the keyboards. Soaring string sections and driving riffs and shredding leads, and yes I am just talking about the keyboard playing. Amberian Dawns’ main man Tuomas Seppälä has created an 80’s tinged neoclassical sound. By that I mean Amberian Dawn doesn’t sound like an orchestra with a drum kit they sound like a metal band with a classical influence.


My only real complaint about “Magic Forest” is the guitar work. Don’t get me wrong the guitar playing is fantastic, there are some incredible shredding guitar solos I just wish there was more of them. The duel lead guitarist pull off some incredible licks. They are even better when they are combined with the keyboard. I think the album could have used much more of that.


The thing about  Amberian Dawns’ “Magic Forest” is that is a very pleasant album. The songs on this record make me feel happy. That might sound like a throwaway statement but I think it is very important and it doesn’t happen often enough with modern metal.

If you are looking for a fun, engaging, neoclassical metal album give “Magic Forest” a listen.


4 out of 5


Mark Dillon


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