Our mission is to bring a voice to the underground and showcase Metal Bands that are often shunned by “traditional media.”

We produce a show that speaks directly to Metal Heads because their passion is our passion.


Mark got his start at 16 years old as the Host of “Born to Raise Hell” a metal radio show on CHMR FM in St.John’s NL.  Along with Co-hosting and producing EMTV, Mark is also the host of Vinland Radio a long running podcast dedicated to latest and greatest in Metal. When not in front of the camera Mark can be found singing and playing guitar for Gales of Avalon. He has also produced albums for Misanthropy, Netherial, Purcell’s Turn, and Gales of Avalon.


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Check out Gales of Avalon here http://www.reverbnation.com/galesofavalon


James started out playing bass for Misanthropy in 1999 while living in British Columbia. After moving to Calgary, Neill met Mark Dillon and joined Gales of Avalon in 2007, handling bass and vocal duties. Dillon formed Vinland Radio that very same year, and Neill jumped on board.


In 2010 Neill and Dillon emceed the Alberta Metal Awards, while still continuing on with GOA and Vinland Radio. In 2011 Misanthropy reformed with Neill taking on bass and vocal duties, and Extreme Metal Television aired their pilot episode that very same year. Neill continues to play in GOA and Misanthropy, as well as perform his duties for Vinland Radio and Extreme Metal Television.


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Check out Gales of Avalon here http://www.reverbnation.com/galesofavalon

Check out Misanthropy here http://www.reverbnation.com/misanthropyofficial


A life-long fan of heavy music, Nancy considers herself a latecomer to Calgary's underground metal scene attending her first show in '09 to see friends play the Noctis III Metal Fest at The Distillery. Hooked by what she discovered in her own back yard, she has since become a fixture at local shows and enjoys promoting music and events to support the artists and fans. Nancy is EMTV's Twitter Guru and she operates a mean camera for the EMTV Crew. In her other life she is a Registered Nurse at a city hospital... Tending to your mosh pit injuries!


Follow Nancy's latest updates @ExtremeMetalTV


Known best for his bands No More Moments and Copsickle, Carlin has spent the better half of 2013 as an interviewer for Extreme Metal Televison. When he is not doing anything music related his main focus is family, Social Work and eating at Tubby Dog when he can. He hopes to also pursue a career in journalism in the years to come. If you see him at a metal show don't hesitate to buy him a beer.


Check out No More Moments here http://www.reverbnation.com/nomoremoments


Check out Copsickle here http://copsickle.tumblr.com


Kaje has been involved in the music industry since 2006 doing everything from backstage crew to promotions, and the odd bit of freelance writing. She is pleased to add Extreme Metal Television to her resume, taking on the form of interviewer, camera operator and online promotions. When she is not at live music events, she can be found online slaughtering foes and drowning out their screams with Aphex Twin.


Follow Kaje on Twitter @Annihilatix403

Annihilatrix Productions

Instagram: queen.of.blades

Steam: Annihilatrix


Symon was born and raised on the island of Aruba in the Caribbean. At the tender age of 10 he was swooped up and enthralled by the majestic sound of Iron Maiden's Powerslave album, due to it's artwork moving him to buy the album. His world would never be the same again! The next 10 years he spent collecting any metal he could possibly get his hands on, while living in a mostly metal depraved environment.


September 9th, 2000, marks a milestone in his life when he ends up moving to Calgary where he can now actively pursue his passion of metal music as a whole. He first started off expanding his metal library, then moved on to attending big ticket shows, which led into the local metal scene which he didn't know existed until 2008. There he met James Neill and Mark Dillon thanks to a mutual friend, who invited him to a Gales of Avalon show.


Fast forward to January 2012, Symon attends '70, 000 Tons of Metal"  and takes a shit load of footage for EMTV, which upon his return gets added to episode 10. This is also where he makes his first appearance as a guest on EMTV and moves on to join the ranks of the EMTV crew.


With a hunger in his gut for the advancement of the Calgary Metal Community and a desire for ale fueled battle with dragons...Folk metal enthusiast Ireheart is a fun addition to the EMTV crew! When he is not riding a flaming steed into a horde of orcs he is playing shows and composing songs for his band "Scythia" and various musical projects around Calgary. He also enjoys going to metal shows to support the local talent. Another passion of his is listening to albums and writing reviews to deliver to readers in an informative and unbiased fashion!


You may wonder why he is called "Ireheart", all that we are legally allowed to divulge is that an orc called his mother an ogre by accident and the tavern had to close down because of the ensuing damage and chaos. This earned him his nickname, which means Angerheart.


If you see Ireheart at your local tavern, make sure you give him a vikings salute and raise your jug of mead in a warriors toast!



Reverend Rock aka Ross Ingall is a 51 year old head banger who literally grew up with the metal genre. Until 1999 Ross enjoyed a successful career in business then ‘retired’ and reinvented himself in 2000’s to become a Seminary educated, ordained minister.  A noted rebel during his time at McMaster Divinity College between ’03 and ’07, the Reverend has pastored traditional churches while speaking out against judgmental and heavy handed religion and the harms caused by those things.  Ross is currently unemployed pastorally which is hardly surprising considering his contempt for uptight religious people. He fills his time with metal, video games and by applying for vacant pastoral positions in churches that will have an interesting discussion should they actually interview him. Joining the EMTV Crew as an album reviewer, Ross has an enormous ego, a fact that is readily apparent should you visit his website at http://reverendrock.com


I originally hail from north Kent in the south-east of England and now call Malmesbury in Wiltshire home. I spend my working days as an archaeologist and have metal constantly blasting out in the car or the work vehicle. The earliest memories of metal in my life is Iron Maidens 'Run to the Hills'. Became a full on metal head at Donnington's Monsters of Rock festival in 1987 which I went to because I thought it would be good. Afterwards I tried the guitar which I played badly and gave up, tried band photography for a while. I am on the constant look out for new bands and a majority of the best seem to be ignored by the mainstream music press.

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