Review by Reverend Rock [03.13.14]


Many of us have aspired at one time or another to be in a heavy metal band. Some of us who never made it have fulfilled their metal fantasies vicariously by becoming writers and reviewers, observing the merits of metal from outside the dream. For those that do aspire to metal greatness the recently released rockumentary from Canadian metallers 3 Inches of Blood should be required viewing; if there was such a thing as Metal University the film would be the one and only required text/research for Metal 101.


The documentary covers the band’s recent cross-Canada tour with Cancer Bats and when it comes to giving us a view of life on the road the rose-coloured glasses are off. If you think that the life of a metal band is glamorous then you’re definitely in for a surprise; throughout the film we see the boys on 3IOB slugging their instruments and amps on and off stage in all kinds of weather and there are no roadies or fancy tour riders with sumptuous post-show buffets. More often than not the band is shown pre-show in some shithole dressing room, having a Jack and Pepsi or two and enjoying the camaraderie of being brothers with a common cause and that element of the film is perhaps its greatest strength.


While life on the road is hard the band is definitely not asking you to feel sorry for them. This is the life they’ve chosen and they aren’t bitching about how tough it is to make a living as a metal band. Kudos and respect to 3IOB for being real and sharing their reality with us – on more than one occasion members say that their most uncomfortable moments in life don’t actually come during the 16 hour drives between shows but rather, during the down times at home between tours.


We won’t give any spoilers here – suffice it to say that there are a few poignant moments and plenty of gritty laughs to be had as we are given a bird’s eye view of the road and stage. The band is as passionate about what they do as their fans are about seeing/hearing them do it.


Production of the film was partially funded by an Indiegogo campaign spearheaded by its producer/director Tom McLeod and if you didn’t have the opportunity join in on the fun from the beginning the price of admission now is a mere $4.99.


Whether you are a fan of 3IOB or simply of metal in general, there are a lot of things in this world that you can waste $4.99 on that won’t entertain and inform you like Warriors of the Great White North will. To see the film all you need do is go to:




Sign up for a free account, fire up your PayPal or credit card and sit back for a great 50 minutes.


Reverend Rock’s Rating: 90/100

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